About Us

  • Founded in 2007, King Quanta are designer, manufacturer and supplier of professional cream whippers, soda siphons, coffee appliances and variety of high pressurized compressed gas cylinders, based in Taiwan.
  • We had focused on high pressurized compressed gas technologies relating to Food, Beverage, Medical and Safety and accumulated more than 14 years of outstanding experiences from 1999.
  • Our own brand itis™ is getting recognized as Asia leading brand and expanding by itis highly quality and professional cream whippers for many restaurants and coffee chain stores all over the world .
  • We are Japan Starbucks assigned sole supplier of the world from 2008.
  • Starting from 2010, Our new brand itiscoffee™ has ahead in innovations and creations of coffee industry related products and its future appliances.

We partner with other manufacturers concern and achieve ISO9001, ISO13485, TUV, NSF, HACCP, DOT, TC, TPED international certificated.

Our commitment is to minimise the impact of our operation on the environment through continual improvement :

  • The requirement of all current relevant legislation is met.
  • The consumption of raw materials is minimised.
  • Energy is managed to achieve year-on-year reductions per tonne of output.
  • The principles of Best Available Technique are used where appropriate.
  • Emissions to air and water are reduced and the land filling of solid waste is minimised.
  • Our environmental performance is monitored and reviewed.
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