2012 HCJ TOKYO Exhibition show Part 2

 1. Turn off 0.25L Cream Whipepr headset


 2. Pour in 150cc milk


3. Pour in condensed milk 


4. Charging N2O gas



5. Stir cranberry juice, whipping cream and powdered sugar completely


6. Pour in 0.5L Cream Whipper


7. Screwed on plastic headset tightly


8. Charging N2O gas


9. Crack the biscuits in the wide glass cup


10. Cutting strawberry slices on the biscuits


11. Screw on decorate nozzle and turn 0.25L Cream Whipper up side down and shake

       6~7 times


12. Despensing condensed milk foam from 0.25L Cream Whipper on the top of strawberry



13. Repeat step 11. shaking bottle and then despensing cranberry foam on the top of 

      strawberry slices


14. Cutting one more starwberry and put the strawberry slices on the top of foam and

      decorate with mint leaves


15. A beautiful and delicious creative dessert has finished