New product - Stainless steel Soda Siphon


Why should we choose stainless steel soda siphon ?


Soda siphon is a very popular kitchen ware to making soda water ( Sparkling water ) or varity of soft drinks or cocktails in Europe and America.


The material of the first Soda siphon was made by glass, but accompany with its application became more popular, then it came out with the aluminum or stainless made soda siphon with much more safety concerns.


However, except the cost different between aluminum and stainless steel, the scope of food containers had strict rules to limit the materials for human health, so the aluminum made soda siphon must to have a special treatment on its surface to prevent aluminum element release to human body directly; but unfirtunetely, there is only one way to made such special treatment by aluminum anodizing to achieve an oxide layer and normally such layer has only 3~5µm thickness due to the restrictions on manufacturing technology.


General speaking, the normal aluminum soda siphon has only one year warranty because the very thin oxide layer might easiliy be corroded by acid or alcohol ( alcohol may speed up the corrosion ) . So, if you choose aluminum soda siphon then you have to be care not to put in acid or alcohol and have better not to keep the soda water in soda siphon over night to slow down the oxide layer's corrosion. Though you mightl lost much fun in making varity of soft drinks, but that's the only way to prevent you never know when you will start to drink the aluminum element directly.


Stainless steel ( food grade ) is not only much stronger than aluminum, but also acid and alcohol free and more important of the sanitation concern. 


So, why should we choose stainless steel soda siphon ?  do you know that ?


2 Liter Stainless steel soda siphon - Family King Size

Optional color - Red, Blue, Polish finished Siliver



1 liter Stainless steel soda siphon - Family size

Optiona color - Red, Blue, Polish finished Siliver, White